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La Bottega (Our Shop)

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Our shop will provide you with some of the most refined and unusual products from Italy, pasta, wines, olive oil, liqueur and cheeses.

Seasonal gifts

We have a large selection of seasonal gifts from Italy, including beautifully wrapped panettone for Christmas and Easter eggs in the Spring.

Also in the shop we have products from Congedi olive oil, Campofilone and Gangnano Pasta,   Plus we stock of a unique selection of L’ancap crockery from Italy, also available from Harrods.

We also have a selection of Italian wines to accompany our dishes, maybe a full bodied red, followed by a delicious dessert wine – or if you are celebrating a Sparkling Prosecco!

Cakes and Tarts

We always have a selection of cakes and tarts to accompany your drinks.

Here are a selection of what you may find in the counter when you visit


All our tarts come in 28cm sweet tart cases

Fruit tart patisserie cream topped with mixed fruit

Apricot tart patisserie cream topped with apricot halves baked in the oven and topped with apricot jam

Pear tart, first quality pears coated in a light almond crust and baked in the oven

Cranberry tart, cranberries, mascapone cream cheese, orange juice and mascavado sugar. a real winter warmer

Pecan and honey tart, toasted pecans, honey, eggs, butter and sugar.

Chocolate creme brulee tart,  chocolate cream brulee topped with chocolate sprinkles

Berry brulee tart, creme brulee with raspberries and blueberries tossed in.

Mixed berry Tart ( Seasonal only ) Patisserie cream topped with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.


All our cakes are 25cm

Mascapone cheese cake*, mascapone, vanilla, cream, eggs, sugar, butter, cornflour and lemon juice

Chocolate Brownies*, 70% chocolate, sugar, butter, eggs, gluten free flour and gluten free baking powder.

Orange polenta cake*, ground almonds, oranges, butter, sugar, polenta flour, gluten free baking powder, eggs.

Blackberry and almond torte, ground almonds, blackberries, sugar, butter, cinnamon, vanilla, eggs and flour.

Lemon Drizzle, Lemons, eggs, flour, sugar and butter.

Apple and strawberry sponge, apples, strawberries, eggs, flour, butter, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla.

Chocolate and Walnut cake* 70% dark chocolate, walnuts, eggs and sugar.

Pistachio and Chocolate torte* gluten free biscuits, 70% chocolate, pistachio nuts, butter, eggs and sugar.